Consensus – Science Talks | Saturday 16th November 2013 | ExCel London

I have lost my ticket / the dog has eaten it / I’m a chancer trying to get in for free. What should I do?
If you lose your ticket, please come to the help desk at the venue. Replacement tickets will be offered at our discretion. If we think you are trying it on, we may tell you to go away, possibly quite abruptly. If we believe you, and especially if you have evidence of the purchase, we’ll give you a replacement.
Where is it? How do I get there? Can I park my car/bicycle/motorcycle/horse/helicopter?
ExCel London is in London Docklands.
The address is 1 Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, E16 1XL.

There is a massive car park, but it is not free. Expect to pay around £15 for the day. Follow the purple or orange signs.

Motorcycles and bicycles may also be parked there.

If coming by train, alight from the DLR at Prince Regent station; it’s then a short walk directly to the event.

Please visit this page where you can plan your travel to ExCel, browse their Visitors’ Guide and Onsite Guide, and find out information about disabled access.

When does it start and end?
The main doors open at 08.00.

The auditorium opens at 09.00, for you to choose and occupy your seats.

The event starts at 10.00 and ends at 18.00. There are breaks for tea and lunch.

What about food and drinks?
There are many food outlets inside the venue, within walking distance from the auditorium.
Why are there no women on the panel?
We tried. We failed. The event was set up at very short notice and as it happened, of all the excellent people we approached the only ones available on the day were men.
Is the event suitable for children?
The event will suit anyone with a sharp intellect and the ability to follow and appreciate interesting and logical arguments, which of course includes a great many children.

(But, conversely, probably excludes some adults!)

Are seats numbered?
No, it’s free seating within price blocks. Science videos will be shown before the show, so arriving in good time is advantageous if you’d like a ‘better’ seat within your chosen block.

But you don’t need to worry too much, or even pack your boxing gloves: this is a modern venue, designed such that no one gets a bad seat anyway. There are no restricted views or any of the other nonsense one gets in old theatres.

It might be a really good idea to mark you chosen seat with a post-it note or similar so you can find it again after tea/lunch/loo breaks etc.

Is the event accessible to wheelchair users?
Certainly. Economy and Standard floor seats are easily accessible. We’re happy to provide one free carer seat per disabled person.
Can we eat on-site?
Food and drink will be available from 08.00. It’s not free, but is not a rip-off either. Why not arrive early and buy your breakfast from one of the many vendors present?

ExCel does not permit food or hot drinks in the auditorium. But a bottle of water is fine. Please remember this is not the teddy bears’ picnic.

Can I hassle the presenters and have a great big bagful of books signed?
Almost certainly not. There will be no signing tables etc, as the venue is too big. There would not be time for everybody, and crowd control would be impossible. Sorry about that.
Is this for charity? Is it a con? Is the boss going to fly to Panama with the proceeds?
Yes, no, and, unfortunately, no. Entangled Bank is a registered charity. Finances are strictly controlled and accounts are public. All proceeds will go to various science and secular humanist charities, and to support scientific research and education. Purchase of a ticket is effectively a donation to these causes.
What is the chance of my getting in with a forged ticket bought cheaply on EBay?

Please don’t try photocopying or otherwise forging our tickets – they have security features which are not obvious, and cannot be copied. And do you really want to be caught stealing from a charity?

Are there any opportunities for volunteers?
Yes. We need a few people to act as stewards, to assist people with questions, to help with moving heavy stuff about, or to assist with marketing the event in advance.

All the people who help us will be issued with a special volunteer’s ticket for free, and can bask in the warm glow of having helped with an amazing and unique science event.

If you would enjoy helping, have appropriate skills and experience, are fit, friendly, articulate, intelligent, and support our aims, please e-mail us directly attaching a photograph and telling us who you are, why you would like help, and what it is you can do.

Update: We have already received so many applications it’s going to take some time to sort through them all. If you haven’t heard from us within two weeks of writing, please assume you’re not on our list. There isn’t room for everybody, and it’s sometimes a matter of random luck, so sorry: you’ll need to buy a ticket like everyone else! Apologies for any lack of communication – we are a small organisation and there just isn’t time to write personal replies to everybody. This is not deliberate rudeness, it’s reality.

Please don’t let that put you off applying though. We are still looking for people who share our enthusiasm for the project, and especially those who also have at least some experience with this type of event. We’re not going to tell you what to say, or people will just cut-and-paste. But if you have the nous to understand our point here, you’re probably the type of person we’re looking for, and you’ll know already. Carry on please.

It’s important that you tell us what it is you can do, and especially what you have done before. We won’t have the time to train and supervise new people who have no experience of events. Please be aware that a voluntary position with us carries responsibility, so is not an excuse just to get a free ticket and expenses, then to mess about!